How to produce your own honey?


From installation to harvest and filling, every step is done at the host’s premises providing full transparency during production. You can participate in every visit or monitor progress through your private online feed.


Every location is unique. You will produce your unique honey with your special labels for your home or as a gift for your valued friends and family.


Bees are the cornerstone of biodiversity. By hosting a beehive, you contribute to increasing pollination and protecting the local flora. Additionally, you are part of the homegrown movement and reducing food miles and CO2 emissions.

We believe that home-growing your own produce
is the most sustainable way of nurturing homes in the future.

We install

We care

We harvest


you enjoy

A minimum of 2 beehives per location, each beehive yields a minimum of 6kg of honey and cost 125 USD payable at market rate in local USD or LBP.

Each beehive yields a minimum of 7.5 common honey jars of 850g.
At the minimum yield scenario, each jar would cost 16.5 USD and the price decreases if yield is better than the minimum. 

Terms & conditions apply.

  • Number of hives: We place a minimum of 2 beehives on your premises to produce 12kgs of honey. We will first inspect your site for feasibility and security.
  • Beekeeper visits: We visit bi-weekly to maintain the hives. You can participate at all times and invite your friends and family for a unique experience.
  • Harvest: Harvest, extraction, and filling are done on-site and in your presence for full transparency. You will receive your yield directly on the day of harvest.
  • Yield: L’Atelier du Miel guarantees the host a minimum of 6kgs per hive. The host benefits from the excess in yield. In the event the yield is lower, L’Atelier du Miel commits to compensate from other locations.
  • Access: Hives need to be accessible at all times, only with a 24-hour prior notice.
  • Labels: Label designs are to be submitted within the defined timeframe. If designs are not submitted in time, standard customization of the labels will be processed and executed.



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